Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Bulletin for Guam


About Contacting and Visiting ExpressCare Clinics

Do you have a cough or fever?
ExpressCare DOES NOT perform COVID-19 Testing.
  • GMH and Public Health are the only facilities that do so.

Temp check will be done on every patient entering the clinic.
  • Patients are asked to stay 1 meter (appx 3 ft) away from each other in the clinic.
  • Patients are asked to identify themselves immediately to our staff if they have cough, fever, or any Coronavirus contact.

In General...

Don't Panic.
  • Even if you have COVID-19, you have a 98% chance of survival.

  • Are you a COVID-19 contact or have recently returned from travelling to ANYWHERE off-island?
    • If yes, it is time to SELF ISOLATE. Coronavirus can spread even when you have no symptoms.
    • Contact us at ExpressCare and we can help you with a note for your employer if needed.
    • "Self Isolate" means staying 1 meter (appx 3 ft) away from others + Staying home + Washing your hands more often
    • You must Self Isolate for 2 weeks (14 days)

    If you are experiencing other symptoms besdies cough and fever, you likely DO NOT have severe Coronavirus.
    • Stay Calm. Drink plenty of water.
    • Continue life as usual, but practice social distancing. Stay 1 meter (appx 3 ft) from others. 

ExpressCare would like to keep our island community of Guam informed about the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We have listed important information below.

Click any of the links to view the informaiton.

Plus, if you need any assistance or think you may be infected, please contact us through phone or email. Click here for our Contact Information.



USEFUL LINKS - Click any link to view information below

  • Wash your hands
  • Clean surfaces with Clorox wipes or Lysol
  • If you are coughing or have a fever, DO NOT go to public places. Stay home and call the clinic to schedule your appointment time. 
  • Wear a mask and alert the receptionist when entering the clinic.
  • You can also message us at ExpressCare on Facebook for advice.
  • Drink water, take your vitamins, get enough sleep and DON'T PANIC.